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We are a group of leading professionals who specialize in developing, preserving and operating various World Heritage sites and assets recognized under UNESCO and the UNWTO. Who understand sustainability can only be achieved when such heritage has a "fit-for-purpose" programme that can create a market draw to generate enterprise and tourism demand profitably. To unlock the wonders of the past and to preserve the authenticity of Stone Towns diverse cultures in a meaningful way. 

Assigned by the Sultanate of Oman and the Zanzibar Government to help preserve this cultural heritage with new purpose that is profitable and sustainable.

Integrating heritage and culture as a strategic vision through Public & Private sector funding, restoration, conservation and enterprise to deliver authentic lasting experiences under IQBL Methodology:

Integrated Quadruple Bottom Line


Purpose,  People,  Planet,  Profit

A heritage programme to be sustainable must first identify it's

re-purpose and insure all elements are integrated to achieve that aim.



Working with all Stakeholders in supporting local suppliers, workers, families and communities wherever our projects are, to help create a sustainable future.

We look at the entire life cycle of each program to minimize impact to the environment and its people.



Working with all Stakeholders in supporting local suppliers, workers, families and communities wherever our projects are, to help create a sustainable future.

Zamani is the trading name of Shumookh Heritage and Tourism LLC which is part of Shumookh Investment and Services LLC. Shumookh investment & services Company (SIS) is closed joint company (S.A.O.C) established in October 2010 in the sultanate of Oman with 84.26 per cent owned by Public Establishment for industrial Estate and Omani pension funds . SIS is founded at the initiative of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estate (PEIE) as its investment arm. Shumookh endeavors to develop infrastructure project and encourage investment in the industrial estates under PEIE.

Shumookh investment Services Company is a private equity investment company registered in Muscat security Market in April 2011 that combines an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit with years of experience and a thorough knowledge of investing in the development of the industrial estate infrastructures, facilities and services.
Since its establishment (SIS) has been active in developing new projects. SIS invests in unquoted companies with a strong investment case which can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its shareholders.

SIS is working to enhance the economic development of the Sultanate of Oman by:

• Working closely with local and international partners to develop new and innovative projects which can create new growth industries in Oman;
• Seeking to develop businesses which can create substantial new employment opportunities for locals; and
• Developing business towards an exit via an Initial Public Offering or private placements in order to provide expanded investment opportunities for Omani and regional investors.



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